Winter in Poland

So, while most people in the UK are shivvering (ok, me too) in 10 degrees C winter…. in the land of Poles, Winter’s a tad different…

February is by far the best time for snow.  I keep trying every year to build a snowman at Christmas but something’s happened to December and it’s normally just after New Year that the proper winter starts….
And what does that mean?
Well, January this year was -15 degrees C and when I went in February (forgetting what the month normally has in store) I was greeted by -11 degrees and snow! Upon arrival in Lublin (my home town), I did think that maybe just my tiny suitcase didn’t quite have the right clothes for this sort of weather…. yeah, I was right there!

As scary as -11 sounds, it’s actually a beautiful time to see the country. On the 2.5hr train ride from Warsaw to Lublin (you know it’s faster to fly from London to Warsaw than get that train!) I was mesmarised by the beautifully covered fields, trees, frozen rivers and kids making snowmen …. or being pulled on a sledge by a tractor (fun?!!). The point of the train journey was to sleep, after waking up at 3am … but with those surroundings I couldn’t and I quickly became the annoying passenger in the carriage (funky 6 people train carriages, you have to experience it) who kept thrusting the video camera in every possible window to get a better view of the snowed in forests …. ahhh … they loved me!

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snowy fields, view from train Warsaw - Lublin

going over a bridge, snowy Poland
lublin in the snow, poland


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