Morskie Oko, Poland

Morskie Oko Lake, Tatra Mountains
Morskie Oko Lake, Tatra Mountains

Here’s our quick trip down to one of the most infamous lakes in the Tatra Mountains (South of Krakow in Poland – see map below) – Morskie Oko.

Morskie Oko is a beautiful mountain lake at the altitude of 1400m (above sea level).

The high peaks of Tatra Mountains reflect themselves beautifully in the crystal water of the lake.

Morskie Oko Lake, Tatra Mountains
Morskie Oko Lake, Tatra Mountains

The snow on the northern slopes above Morskie Oko never melts and can be seen at the height of summer – definitely worth a look.

You can walk around the lake along the marked path in about 50 minutes (great for a leisurely stroll).

For a much more challenging hike, try climbing up to Czarny Staw, the lake that is 180m higher than Morskie Oko. The 30 minute red route (look out for the signs on the trees) to Czarny Staw starts at the southern edge of Morskie Oko.

Morskie Oko Lake, Restaurant Hut, Tatra Mountains
Morskie Oko Lake, Restaurant Hut, Tatra Mountains

For a respite from all that walking, have lunch at the mountain shelter at Morskie Oko that serves hearty polish food all year round – and of course fantastic panoramic views of the lake!

Have a look at our photos of Morskie Oko below from our trip in June and a video of the panorama of it:

Where is the Morskie Oko Lake in Poland?

Map zoom in on Morskie Oko:

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Beautiful new Amber Jewellery added to ebay shop

See the latest additions to my ebay amber jewellery shop – beautiful Amber earrings from Poland.

If I could, I would buy all the amber from the polish jewellers, it’s seriously one of the most beautiful stones and looks really classy in jewellery.

Look out for small fossilised parts of bugs that might have got stuck in the resin, it’s always interesting to see what you can find as it’s such a natural form of jewellery.

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Follow the storks, fly to Poland

Follow the storks and fly to Poland this Spring.

Every Spring, thousands of white storks arrive in Poland from Africa.
These big magestic birds are a very common and delightful sight in the polish countryside. You can spot them in their nests on the telegraph poles and on the roofs of barrns & houses.

At about 1m long with a 2m wing span and white coloured body and head and a bright red beak and legs, these seasonal visitors are quite a sight.

They spend Winter in southern Africa, travelling over 8,000km in 4 months to reach Europe by the end of March.

Poland has the highest population of white storks in Europe, there is even a European stork village in Tykocim (North East Poland) on the ‘Stork Trail’, leading from Bilowieckie National Park to Biebrzanski and Narwinski National Park.

Discover them for yourself on a nature break to Poland – read more on

Poland storks