Euro 2012 match schedule

Euro 2012 kicks off tomorrow at Warsaw’s new national stadium!

See the schedule below for the key kick off times for the group play-offs.
Kicking off the with Poland vs Greece game, we’re of course keeping our fingers crossed for the Poles tomorrow (and let’s hope Citta the psychic elephant is correct!) !! go Polska! ūüôā



Who’s playing

EU Time (take off an hour for UK time, add 1 hr for local Ukraine time)

Fri 8th June Warsaw Poland v Greece 18.00
Fri 8th June Wroclaw Russia v Czech Republic 20.45
Sat 9th June Kharkiv Netherlands v Denmark 18.00
Sat 9th June Lviv Germany v Portugal 20.45
Sun 10th June Gdansk Spain v Italy 18.00
Sun 10th June Poznan Rep of Ireland v Croatia 20.45
Mon 11th June Donetsk France v England 18.00
Mon 11th June Kiev Ukraine v Sweden 20.45
Tue 12th June Wroclaw Greece v Czech Republic 18.00
Tue 12th June     Warsaw Poland v Russia 20.45
Wed 13th June Lviv Denmark v Portugal 18.00
Wed 13th June Kharkiv Netherlands v Germany 20.45
Thu 14th June Poznan Italy v Croatia 18.00
Thu 14th June Gdansk Spain v Rep of Ireland 20.45
Fri 15th June Kiev Sweden v England 18.00
Fri 15th June Donetsk Ukraine v France 20.45
Sat 16th June Wroclaw Czech Republic v Poland 20.45
Sat 16th June Warsaw Greece v Russia 20.45
Sun 17th June Kharkiv Portugal v Netherlands 20.45
Sun 17th June Lviv Denmark v Germany 20.45
Mon 18th June Gdansk Croatia v Spain 20.45
Mon 18th June Poznan Italy v Rep of Ireland 20.45
Tue 19th June Donetsk England v Ukraine 20.45
Tue 19th June Kiev Sweden v France 20.45
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Euro 2012 in Poland – Sightseeing aplenty

So, Gdansk, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan will be hosting all the excitement of Euro 2012 in Poland next June when thousands (millions??) of football fans descend on these cities from all across the world.

With kick-off scheduled for 8th June 2012 (224 days, 8hrs and 19mins to go) at¬†Warsaw‘s National Stadium in Poland, there’s plenty to think about when considering your Euro 2012 break to Poland.

So what could you get up to in between the matches (ladies, you’ll love this!)

  • Beaches in Gdansk – the Baltic coast offers 500km of coastline and all the beaches are covered in luscious sand – perfect for June! And for an added bonus, pop on a train to the nearby Sopot seaside spa resort with all its beach bars and summer flavours.
  • Lakes in Poznan – this beautiful city has 4 lakes in the city alone, perfect for swimming or water sports. It’s also the home of international trade fairs and has been hosting them since 1921!
  • Polish Venice of the north – AKA Wroclaw – explore the waterways of Wroclaw and see why it’s been given this title (the 100 bridges and 12 islands might give a clue), and the archirecture is simply beautiful!
  • Old town, shopping & modern business hub of Warsaw – the capital doesnt just have an old town that’s been entirely rebuilt and is in itself a UNESCO site, the city is also buzzing, very cosmopolitan, has all the shops to rival any European capital and has by far the best dumplings we’ve had so far in Poland!!

Add to this that Poland’s beers are amazing (surely a post in itself) and only 4.5zl (under ¬£1) for 500ml and you’re in for a splendid time!

Here’s some photos showing the cities getting geared up for the matches:

As you can see, Poznan is getting into the spirit with this lovely natural display:

Poznan Euro 2012
Poznan Euro 2012

And here’s the Warsaw stadium in all its glory from a good viewing spot in the old town square by the Royal Castle:

Warsaw Football Stadium Euro 2012
Warsaw Football Stadium Euro 2012

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Cheap flights to Gdansk with Wizzair

Wizzair, the purple airline from Hungary, are currently doing cheap one way flights rates to Gdansk at only £21.99 from London Luton and the same from Liverpool.

They’re also running flights to¬†Warsaw¬†and Katowice at ¬£38.99 each. Read our guide to top 10 things to do in¬†Warsaw¬†and in¬†Gdansk.

To whet your appetite, see our photos of Gdansk below.

wizzair Gdansk flight
wizzair Gdansk flight

You can book wizzair flights up to 9 months in advance, which is perfect if you’re planning a winter or Christmas/New Year’s break in Gdansk (wrap up warm, but plenty of poles actually swim in the Baltic sea on New Year’s Day) or even a weekend getaway this Autumn.

Sadly it’s still early to book the flights for the Euro 2012 for next June – but why not whet your appetite with a quick break this year? In 2.5hrs you could be sitting in a lovely cafe in Gdansk, staring at the beautiful architecture and watching the world go by in the old town square or on the banks of the Motlawa river.

Gdansk cafes along Motlawa River
Gdansk cafes along Motlawa River
Gdansk old town cafes in the sun
Gdansk old town cafes in the sun

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