Sandy beaches in Poland

Have you considered the beautiful un-spoilt sandy beaches of Poland for your holiday?

And did you know Polish summer temperatures are regularly over 30 °C ?

No? Well, there’s a 500km coastline to explore, full of seaside resorts, villages and raw beaches surrounded by trees, forests and sand dunes to make you forget you ever lived in a city.


You have to go to really appreciate the purity of it. Don’t get me wrong, there are also scattered beach bars with live music and DJs that make everyone on the beach dance around in between dips in the sea. And private beaches from the few grand hotels with their own luxurious hammocks and loungers. And fun water sports hubs with jet skis, parasailing and other delights for the thrill seekers.

But for the most part, it’s just you, walking along the beautiful calm sea, in the super deep, warm sand with the trees and nature all around you. Yes you might be forgiven for thinking you’re actually on an island and not on the Baltic coast. 🙂

And temperature wise? Yes we experienced 38 °C in Poland in peak August when we visited, so you’re on the par with any Mediterranean holiday destination, but at a fraction of the cost! Just book early as Sopot in peak summer is super popular with Polish, nordic and german holiday makers.


Yes we are getting a tad nostalgic as we explored these beautiful beaches last week and we can’t wait to go back again!

In just over 2hrs from Stansted or Luton, you could be sitting on a gorgeous sandy beach, watching the calm waves and the swimmers (and walkers – everyone walks along the beach…. you try and stop them 😉 ) , enjoying a delicious ice cream, a glass of Zywiec with raspberry juice or a scrambled eggs and frankfurters breakfast if you so desire.

Did you know Poland could be like this? No? Well go explore it for yourself on your next holiday 🙂 September is a great time to go once the kids are back at school and the sea and weather are still nice and warm.


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Sofitel Hotel, Sopot – summer holiday on their private beach

Fancy a hotel with a private beach? No need for Antibes, Egypt or Maldives, head off to Poland and relax at the 5* Sofitel (Grand Hotel) Sopot on their private beach instead…. and it’s only a 2hrs flight away 🙂

No you’re not dreaming, we didn’t think these existed in Poland either, and we were pretty impressed by this hotel too! The private beach is all cornered off, with plenty of loungers and parasols…. we also managed to take over the massive cocoon lounger…. my friend pretty much spent the day sleeping in there 😉

There’s a bar by the loungers but the waiters walk around to the loungers and bring the food to you while you relax in the sunshine and stare out to Sea (see our photo of the picnic below!) …. what could be better?!

If you get too hot, you can pop into the indoor pool as well for a cool down… but you know you’ll be back outside again pretty quick to enjoy the views!

Have we whet your apetite for Sopot yet? If you want to go for a beach weekend … or week…. there, simply fly Wizzair to Gdansk and then get a suburban train 20mins to Sopot or go all out in a taxi… which didn’t cost us much at all!

Sofitel Sopot Private Beach
Sofitel Sopot Private Beach
Sofitel Sopot Hotel
Sofitel Sopot Hotel
Sofitel Sopot
Sofitel Sopot
Beautiful Baltic sea
Beautiful Baltic sea
Picnic on the beach - Sofitel Sopot Hotel
Picnic on the beach – Sofitel Sopot Hotel

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Warm up with these sandy photos of Poland

Want to ditch the cold weather? Feast your eyes on these sunny photos of Polish beaches.

Yep, Polish summer is fully sunny, hot and a great cheap alternative for a summer beach holiday!

Simply fly to Gdansk in northern Poland on the Baltic Coast, step off the plane, get on a bus and hey presto you’re on a beautiful sandy beach! :)))

For a hotel, why not look at the Hotel Lival in Gdansk (right on the beach!) or the classic and luxurious Sopot Grand Hotel – also right on the beach in Sopot.

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