About us

Here at inlovewithpoland.com, we’re passionate about all things Polish. Being Polish obviously helps 🙂

We’re a small family company excited about sharing our love for Poland, Polish culture and showing Poland as a new holiday destination.

Follow us on facebooktwitter , Pintrest & contact us on info@inlovewithpoland.com.

Read about the historic Polish cities of Krakow, Gdansk and Warsaw (or Lublin – our home town :)) on our blog and our website inlovewithpoland.com. Discover scenic mountain walks and treks in the Tatras and Pieniny or relax on the beautiful sandy beaches on the Baltic Coast in northern Poland and relax with a Zywiec or cup of coffee in Sopot and Gdansk.

We’ve fallen in love with Poland, now it’s your turn!

Visit our inlovewithpoland.com website now & start your Poland journey.

And if you’re in a shopping mood, come visit our ebay shop full of Amber jewellery and wooden goodies.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello there. My boyfriend and I are also in love with Poland. It’s an amazing country. I see that you live in Lublin. We spent a month in Lublin last year and we really liked it. All the best and I’ll definitely follow your blog 🙂

  2. Loved Poland when we were there for 6 weeks in winter 2015. Especially loved Lublin and Zakopane. Look forward to reading more of your posts on Poland.

    Many thanks for stopping by and also liking my blog. 🙂

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