Top things to do in Hel

Top things to do in Hel in Poland:

  • Hire a Malex (gol-type-buggy) with a lovely knowledgeable driver to drive you to get your bearings
  • Head for the beach on the tip of the peninsula
  • and for the main beach on the open sea
  • Visit the WW2 bunkers and walk around the underground tunnels
  • Eat some amazing fried and grilled fish in the harbour
  • Try some water sports
  • Climb 203 steps of the lighthouse for amazing views across Hel
  • Visit the seal sancruary
  • Explore the shop stalls for an amber souvenir
  • Take a boat trip around the Hel peninsula



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One thought on “Top things to do in Hel

  1. I went there last year, and have tried a few of those things you mentioned 🙂 We skipped the beach right at the town but went to the open sea after walking through the forest. The water was very cold but we were surprised how few people were there compared to the main beach. I liked the town and enjoyed some good fish there. It was all very vibrant.

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