Kazimierz Dolny in a heat wave

Have you visited Kazimierz Dolny?


At only 50 mins by car (60km) from Lublin (slightly longer from Warsaw – 2hrs driving) – it’s a lovely place to go for a relaxed day trip, a weekend away from the hustle & bustle or even a whole week of relaxation.

It’s also good combined when visiting Naleczow spa town which is only 26 mins driving (23km).

We were lucky to visit it last year in a beautiful August heatwave of 38 degrees (and spotted some newlyweds doing their obligatory ‘plener’ shoot in the pretty main square) and here’s why we loved it:

  • gorgeous main square with super quaint old buildings
  • ice creams all around
  • a fabulous ‘shower’ gate that you can keep walking through to cool off
  • ice cold zywiec beer in the main square
  • Wisla river with lovely sandy beaches for sunbathing or a quick swim  – we had a good paddle in there
  • and lovely castle ruins on the hills to go explore and get amazing views of the area – very pretty and romantic at sunset
  • lovely little restaurants dotted around for lunch or dinner
  • pretty hotels

We missed out on the boat cruise but with a bit of organisation and getting up early in the morning …. we recommend it… our friends went on it and loved it!

So next time you’re visiting Warsaw or Lublin, why not slot in a weekend in Kazimierz?

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