Fat Thursday = excuse to eat donuts day

Happy Fat Thursday everyone!

Ok, so it might be morning, but that’s no reason not to think about donuts!

Yes much like the english shrove Tuesday, Poland’s fat Thursday (today!) is all about making those delicious donuts and tucking into them.

Or if you don’t know how to make them (mmm my gran makes delicious fresh ones) then It’s the perfect chance to find the nearest bakery/piekarnia (or Polish shop if you’re in the UK) and infulge indulge indulge….. Yum!!

A lot of the ones you can buy in Poland have a delicious rose jam filling, or you can get many other jams. You can also get ones with custard now too… But that’s not a real donut right 😉

Polish donuts differ from English quite a lot, doughy yellow interior, jam that’s quite natural in taste, and exterior is all baked and hardened, darker brown colour. You can get them topped with a thin icing layer, or with cubes lemon and orange zest on top… Choose what you prefer!!

So let’s celebrate the deliciousness of donuts, whatever country you’re in….. Today you have an excuse! 😉

Read more about polish food at http://www.inlovewithpoland.com

Polish donuts

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