Szczecin Airport Duty Free and shopping

For our latest beach holiday to Miedzyzdroje we flew into the scenically and rurally situated Szczecin Airport in north west Poland, a very small and compact airport, but still with all the amenities you need at an airport : Duty Free (yey!), a couple cafes, post office, book shop and souvenir shop and an information booth. What more do you need? And the surrounding fields and woodland make a lovely backdrop for landing and take-off 🙂

Benefit of a small airport, while you friends queue up for check in/boarding, you can actually turn around and pop into the duty free shop and pick up some last minute souvenirs, Polish chocolate and vodka…. .and then be back before they’ve even noticed you’ve gone. We recommend the Soplica Hazelnut vodka if you’ve not tried it yet – smells like nutella and tastes delicious – and only £5 per bottle (see photos below). Bargain souvenir for all the friends back home!

For travel tips – the information booth is a good resource if you need Szczecin, miedzyzdroje or other beach resort information, there’s a queue of taxis waiting just outside the airport if you need transport and there’s a train from Szczecin centre to local beach resorts.

Enjoy our photos ) Szczecin airport duty free

Szczecin airport duty free
Spolica Vodka in Szczecin airport duty free
Soplica Vodka in Szczecin airport duty free – try the hazelnut vodka!
Vodka section in Szczecin airport duty free
Vodka section in Szczecin airport duty free
Shop in Szczecin airport
Shop in Szczecin airport
Souvenir shop in the airport
Souvenir and book shop in the airport
Szczecin emblem at the airport
Szczecin city emblem at the airport

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