Polish souvenirs – beautiful hand decorated Boleslawiec pottery

Need ideas for souvenirs when you’re on your trip to Poland?

Why not get some beautiful Boleslawiec pottery (see our photos below) to bring some pretty folk designs to your home or take back as gifts for friends.

Boleslawiec Pottery

Made in the town of Boleslawiec in the region of Silesia (ceramics have been produced there for over 1000 years!), this pretty hand-painted pottery is fired at 1000 degrees so us safe to stick in the oven or even in your dishwasher! You can recognise it easily by its usually cream/white colours and beautiful folk art designs.

You can look for these lovely ceramics in tourist or ‘regional product’ shops in the city or town that you’re visiting. In Lublin we normally pop into our local craft shop in the old town (they sell lovely pottery and wicker baskets) to pick up our Polish souvenirs but we’ve also seen the Boleslawiec pottery at the Gdansk craft fair when we went last summer…. yes my friends picked up a few to take back home 🙂

Lots of people have been collecting sets of these for years ….. we might have to start collecting now too… we bought a beautiful bowl and butter dish on our last visit for our grand parents …. so the obsession has begun 🙂

If you can’t wait to see the products,  you can also browse the range on the Boleslawiec Pottery website to know what to look out for before your trip 🙂

Boleslawiec Pottery
Boleslawiec Pottery in the Lublin shop
Boleslawiec Pottery at Gdansk Craft Fair
Boleslawiec Pottery at the summer Gdansk Craft Fair

Read more about Poland on inlovewithpoland.com.


One thought on “Polish souvenirs – beautiful hand decorated Boleslawiec pottery

  1. kate

    Lovely pics! This pottery style is so pretty and eye catching. I remember my old housemate Jenny bringing back a couple of serving bowls from her holiday in Poland a few years ago. I always admired them whenever we had a gathering and she got them down from the special cupboard to serve the olives and dips. i bought some of my own on my first trip to Poland last summer. (Now I just have to practise my dinner party hosting skills! )

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