Try a multi-stop holiday to Lublin and Gdansk with new summer flights

Our little (but perfectly formed) Lublin airport is only 6 months old (looking forward to our visits next week!) but the routes from Lublin are already expanding to the  beautiful Baltic coast destination of Gdansk!

Yes the first flight from Lublin to Gdansk took off yesterday 21st June – a great start to the Polish summer holidays (school holidays start end of June) …. the first lucky 63 Lubliners are now sunny-ing themselves on the baltic coast! (jealous!)

So how about a multi-stop trip from London (might as well make it into a week long holiday 😉  – we guarantee you will enjoy it… and the food!!) :

start off with ….

  • flying into Lublin – enjoy a couple days in this historic medieval city, visit the castle on the hill and admire the medieval Church of the holy spirit church with amazing murals, try the local cuisine and if you have time pop to Kazimierz or spa town of Naleczow


  • jump on a plane at Lublin airport and hop over to Gdansk with its beautiful architecture, the amazing amber museum and a boat trip on the Motlawa for a history lesson at Westerplatte

end with….

  • relaxation …. sunbathing and swimming on the sandy beaches of Sopot, delicious fresh fish on the beach and a walk along the longest wooden pier in Europe!

Sound good?

It’s a very short 1 hour flight (beats the 6+ train journey via Warsaw any day!!) and before you know it, you’re landing in Gdansk with Eurolot for 4pm …. and heading straight for some ice cold beer with raspberry juice!

Some photos of the 2 lovely cities for inspiration 🙂 …. mmmmm we can just smell the sea air now ….

Lublin Medieval Castle
1. Lublin Medieval Castle
Gdansk Neptune statue
2. Gdansk Neptune statue
Sopot beach boats
3. Sopot beach boats

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