Chopin concerts in Warsaw’s Royal Lazienki Park this Summer

Discover the Royal Lazienki (Baths) Park and combine classical music with relaxation in one of the most beautiful parks during your break in Warsaw this summer.

Simply jump on the 116 bus from Warsaw Old Town (outside the old theatre) and 10 mins later you’ll arrive in beautiful Warsaw Lazienki Park (see map below) . Once there, head over to the Chopin monument on the West side of the park to enjoy a Chopin concert every Sunday this Summer.

And while you’re in the Park, why not look for the local residents…. the peacocks…. you might find them in the Amphitheatre or even up one of the trees. Or get into one of the gondolas to go around the lake near the royal palace …. yes the Lazienki park is full of delights.

Lazienki Baths Park Warsaw

Peacock in Warsaw Baths Park
Peacock in Warsaw Baths Park
Lazienki Warsaw Amphitheatre
Lazienki Warsaw Amphitheatre
Lazienki lake Warsaw
Lazienki lake Warsaw with beautiful sculptures
Lazienki baths Warsaw
Lazienki baths Warsaw

Read more about the concert dates and lineup of the musicians in Lazienki on the sites below:

Map to find Lazienki Park in Warsaw:

Read more about Warsaw on


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