10 days til Polish Mother’s Day ….

It’s May… and in Poland that means Mother’s Day (Dzien Matki) is just around the corner 🙂 To make it easy to remember, Polish Mother’s Day takes place on the 26th May every year …. so no excuse forgetting it! 😉

So Sunday 26th May is the day to celebrate all the lovely Polish mums out there …. (I remember all the hand-made cards (laurki) we used to make in nursery and school …. some with plasticine stuck to them, we were so so creative! –  and what mum doesn’t like a bit of hand made creativity from their youngster! 🙂 )

If your mum is like mine, she likes to celebrate a Mother’s Day in every international calendar … yeah start saving now! :))) So if you’ve forgotten to get extra cards back in March (remember next year!),  it’s time to get onto moonpig.com to get a card ready for Sunday 26th 🙂 … and of course a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

So Remember remember Sunday 26th May for mum (10 days to go, eek!) – still enough time to get find a good gift online tho …. or start making a hand made scarf/picture/knitting/sewing something – the options for creativity are endless!

To get in the Mum-celebrating-spirit, here are some gorgeous earlybird Gerberas for all the mums out there 🙂

Polish Mother's Day Flowers
Polish Mother’s Day Flowers

Read more about Poland on inlovewithpoland.com


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