New Lublin Airport Duty Free vodka section in photos

Everyone enjoys a bit of Duty Free shopping to finish off the holiday so we had to investigate the new Duty Free section when flying back from the cute little Lublin airport.

Yes, there’s a thoroughly pleasing big (and very cheap compared to England) selection of vodka in the 2 duty free shops ….. make sure you first scope out both shops, then buy, so that you get the best deal & exactly the vodka that you want 🙂 (each shop has different flavours!).

We bought some of the delicious hazelnut vodka (Orzechowa), cherry (Wisniowka), also some delicious mead (Miod) and the classic Zobrowka (check out the funky furry bison packaging on the Zobrowka bottles below – bit more expensive at 43 zloty – £8.80 for a bottle).

Have a look at our Lublin photos below so that you can plan your time between check in and boarding wisely 🙂 … Ok ok, it’s a small airport, so you’re probably fine on time … no running around needed… but plenty of decisions…. who to buy which vodka for?? 🙂 The local Lublin lemon and cherry vodkas are only 23 zloty (£4.70) so you can get a local souvenir for everyone 🙂

Wanna see other duty free sections at Polish airports? We had the pleasure of exploring the Warsaw one too 🙂 See the Warsaw Duty Free photos here.

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