New Lublin / Swidnik Airport in photos

So the new Lublin Airport is up and running in Swidnik (25km from Lublin). To make sure we weren’t dreaming, we had to fly over and test it out – of course 🙂

First impressions? We love it!!!

It’s a sleek, cute, modern and sparkly new airport. Small enough so that you only need to be there 1hr before a flight to just check in and head straight to passport control. But big enough to have 3 shops, 1 cafe, 1 restaurant and a very useful information desk right in the centre. Once you go through check in, there’s also a small duty free shop as well as a cafe to enjoy a quick cup of coffee before boarding the flight.

Lublin Swidnik Airport in the snow
Lublin Swidnik Airport in the snow
Swidnik Airport Lublin Airport
Swidnik Airport Lublin Airport
Check in desks Lublin Swidnik Airport
Check in desks Lublin Swidnik Airport
Cafe at Swidnik Airport
Cafe at Swidnik Airport
Swidnik Lublin Airport
Swidnik Lublin Airport Shops

Transport wise, the airport is very well connected – there’s a bus and a train between Lublin and the airport, which are synchronised with flight arrival and departure times (there are days of just 1 flight per day, how quaint is that?!). The train is great (departs from the Lublin train station), we tried it on the way back. It’s a swift hop and a jump and in 15mins (through pretty snow – nice!) you’re right in the middle of the mini airport and ready to check in! The bus also connects the airport to the Lublin train station. Price – the train will set you back a mere 5 sloty – only £1!! Seriously bargainous!

Bus Lublin to Swidnik Airport
Bus Lublin to Swidnik Airport
Swidnik Airport - Lublin Train
Swidnik Airport – Lublin Train
If you don’t want to wait for the train or bus, you can also get a taxi from the airport, the taxi rank is just outside by the bus stop, and it’ll set you back 80 zloty (£15 approx). Remember to haggle as our starting price was £100 and we worked our way down to £80 🙂

Enjoy our pics of the brand-spanking new Lublin airport – so far flights go to London Stansted, Luton, Oslo, and we’re sure there’ll be more destinations to come!

For arrivals and departures and airport information, the Official Lublin airport website is here:

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