Happy Wigilia & Wesolych Swiat to all our followers

The most special day in the Polish calendar is here and the evening’s celebrations are only a few hours away! Yes, Wigilia has arrived!

Choinka/Christmas trees have been decorated this morning (for those who can still wait for the traditional time to do these! we half did :)), last minute food shopping has been done, carp is waiting in the fridge to be beautifully fried & feasted on, cakes have been baked and hours have been spent sticking together large numbers of the infamous pierogi/dumplings and uszkas/ears to fry off and enjoy tonight with delicious barszcz/beetroot soup.

Now all there’s left to do (apart from preparing it all on the table :)) is to wait for the first twinkling star in the sky to start the Wigilia meal by sharing oplatek (holy bread) .. and let’s hope there’s 12 dishes like the tradition demands! 🙂

To get into the Polish Wigilia spirit – here are some Koledy (Christmas Carols) sung by Mazowsze to listen to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPf2aMQ5ARk&playnext=1&list=PLDF941B05772A0251&feature=results_main

So to all our festive followers, we wish you all Wesolych Swiat for this special day & evening! …. look out for that first star in the sky!! 🙂

Happy Wigilia to all our followers


2 thoughts on “Happy Wigilia & Wesolych Swiat to all our followers

  1. anthony joseph ostrowski

    wish i could be in poland for xmas one year how nice would that be just love poland thanks to my dad being polish lol hope you all have a great Wigilia xxxxxx

  2. inlovewithpoland

    Thanks for your comment Anthony, we of course love the Polish tradition of Wigilia…. and we did indeed enjoy the (masses of!) tasty dishes on the 24th, Hope you get to experience it in Poland one day! 🙂

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