Photos of folk dancing in Lublin

Something light and fun for sunday afternoon – if you’re feeling inspired & ready to burst into a jig by Strictly Come Dancing, here’s a glimpse at the traditional folk dancing from one of the oldest troupes from Lublin.

On my last visit home, I went along to a local folk show that was put on by the Folk Dance society students from the UMCS University (Marie Curie Sklodowska) at the Chatka Zaka for a group of delegates from France.

As a young girl, me and my friends always wanted to be part of this sort of folk dancing group – and the main one to aspire to be in was ‘Mazowsze’ – the main folk dancing & singing group in Poland (you can see them in action on youtube: Needless to say, I never got anywhere close…. but we often had to dance the ‘Polonez’ and ‘Krakowiak’ and other dances in nursery and school …. in the traditional Krakow constumes. That was pretty good fun and I guess it made the Polish boys dance from a young age, a very useful skill! Almost every girl had a Krakow(ski) costume at home to bring out on those occasions – the white linen shirt, the red skirt, black apron and a red necklace that looked right off the Christmas Tree…. think mine is still at home somewhere 🙂

So while I don’t have any of those childhood photos on hand to share, here are some photos of the Lublin UMCS folk show …. see how the pros do it 🙂

(If you’re in Poland, it’s likely you will see some folk dancing – we saw some in an open air theatre in Sopot – great fun!)

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