Christmas Markets 2012 in Warsaw and (very!!) cheap flights in December

Get away for a really really REALLY good value weekend break in Warsaw and combine seeing the festive Christmas Markets, exploring the beautiful old town and seeing the modern business capital of Poland.

There’s some great cheap deals on flights to Warsaw for November & December weekends:

We’re so impressed by these cheap fares, we might pop over for a quick shopping weekend ourselves! Last year’s mulled wine was very tasty in the old town square  ….

Warsaw Christmas Market
Warsaw Christmas Market

Warsaw Christmas Fair starts on 24th November and runs daily until 6th January 2013 in the Warsaw Old Town’s main square. Live music, Christmas carols and folk bands will add to the winter wonderland festive atmosphere. You’ll also find plenty of hot food, mulled wine and Polish beer to fuel your evening. The pretty festive stalls sell anything from regional produce to clothing, toys and traditional gifts & crafts.

Don’t miss the traditional Polish Christmas cakes such as poppy-seed cake (makowiec), cheesecake (sernik) or honey cake (piernik) even if you have to eat it before Christmas (and I know you’ll be tempted!). And remember to buy some polish bread, the mixed rye and wheat, as it is the best in the world (we are obviously biased, a tiny bit).

See our photos below from last year.

As for hotels – we recommend the Radisson Blu in Warsaw Centre or the Le Regina in the New Town (next to old town). And we’ve always wanted to stay at the Sobieski in the city centre – so if you go, let us know what you think of it!

Read more about Warsaw on


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