Amber jewellery shopping paradise in Gdansk

Gdansk, Sopot and the Baltic coast are a definite destination for those who (like my friend) are shopoholics and totally in love with Amber jewellery! 🙂 What you pay in a Wizzair fair, you’ll probably save on a few items of beautiful jewellery pieces – so it’s worth a weekend shopping trip!

You will literally find an Amber jewellery shop or stall on most roads within the two cities. And it’s all such beautiful stuff that I dare you to not walk out with something! (one of my friends was so adamant she wasnt into Amber, she fell in love in some beautifully crafted Polish silver rings and necklaces instead – one way or another… Polish jewellery will get you!).

The most scenic street with jewellery shops is the Mariacka Street (St Mary’s) – right near the St Mary’s church, and a very short walk from the Motlawa river quayside. The shops here are all in cute little basements, lit up golden by the lighting and by the array of Amber jewellery shining everywhere. They also have small stalls just outside the shop to entice the shoppers to browse before venturing into the hidden Amber paradise. It’s worth a visit  – see map below (the buildings are also beautifully old – try going there at nightime for a magical vibe – they look like something out of an old fairytale)!


Have a look at our photos below – there were too many shops and stalls to take a photo of, but we managed a few. During our visit, they had the yearly Dominican Fair in Gdansk (1st 2 weeks of August) – so even more stalls popped up with crafts and beautifully hand made silver and Amber jewellery.

Main thing with jewellery shopping – remember to haggle (esp in smaller non main street shops)! It’s very often possible if you’re buying one thing (especially a more pricey one), but if you’re buying 2 or more items – there’s definite room for haggling there. Start them off 20% or so below the price, and you’ll get to a price you both want…. even if in the end they only end up lowering it by a few zlotys.

So go on, head to Gdansk (look out for cheap Wizzair flights!) for a shopping weekend … and when you’ve knackered yourself out shopping, you can relax with a Tyskie or Zywiec, with juice, by the peaceful Motlawa river…. before you do it all again the next morning 🙂 Enjoy!

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