Taxis in Sopot & Gdansk – a cheap way to get around Tricity

If you’ve planned your weekend or holiday in Poland and are looking at transport options – taxis in Poland are a good way of getting about, and not at all expensive for the foreign traveller.

Rates are normally done in day and night / weekend rates so be ready for slight fluctuations.

When in Gdansk, look out for the main taxi company – Neptun taxi – we used them the last few times in gdansk and they’ve been very good.

A taxi from Gdansk airport to Gdansk centre will cost you around 60/70 zloty (£12) in the night time (London flight lands at 11pm). Daytime rate might be less, but then it might also take longer with the extra traffic (3pm is peak time normally in Poland, when people finish work). It should take around 40 mins or less.

A night taxi from Sopot to the airport will cost around 80 zloty (£15) , if you’re aiming for a 5am or so flight – again, this will take around 40 mins.

However if you’re moving between Sopot and Gdansk in the daytime (like we were), surprisingly you’re looking at only 40 zloty (£7) – so you can see how affordable it is (30 mins appox).

If you’re going to be using the taxis a lot, ask them for a loyalty card, most companies normally have one and ( a bit like a cafe Nero card), once you get to your 9th journey, the 10th one is free. Some companies’ loyalty cards give you 10% or 20% discount instead, so always worth asking for one (ask for ‘karta stalego clienta’ – regular client card).

Lastly, the best thing about getting a taxi in Poland is the wealth if local knowledge that you’ll gain in that journey – the taxi driver (those who speak a bit of English) , will tell you all about the city, the culture, take you a scenic route, or even tell you where you should be going that evening to experience the local culture at its best. Each of the taxi drivers we had, told us which beach to go, what was happening where in the evening and history of the city and the hotel we were staying in! What more could you ask for 🙂

So I thoroughly recommend using taxis in Gdansk and Poland!

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Gdansk Main Street - Dluga Street
Gdansk Main Street – Dluga Street

2 thoughts on “Taxis in Sopot & Gdansk – a cheap way to get around Tricity

  1. Greg

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