Warsaw Chopin Airport Shopping during Euro 2012 & Duty Free – Part 2 :)

As with the rest of Warsaw, the Warsaw Chopin airport is also changing and there seem to be more and interesting shops and cafes arriving … as well as a very funny smoking glass cubicle which I saw people crowd into…. I guess they couldn’t wait.:)

If you do go to browse the shops at Warsaw airport, theres 2 areas you don’t want to miss out on.

First, as you come out of the luggage check, turn left instead of right and walk past the big duty free shops. Then you’ll end up in the old part of Warsaw airport. There you’ll find more duty free, as well as cafes, a restaurant and chapel at the end, a salad bar further on your right and a lovely jewellery shop full of amber as well as a nice traditional souvenir shop with crafts, clothing, leather slippers and lovely gift items.(its also in this section where you’ll find the smoking cubicle… weirdly right by the salad bar).

The other area not to miss out is right by the gates at the far end of the airport, so leave some time for after passport control.:) there you’ll find the wedel chocolate drinking cafe where you can happily sit and wait for your flight to be called. You’ll also find a little lego/toy shop to keep the kids amused on the plane, another jewellery shop,a traditional gifts shop and a euro 2012 souvenir shop…. among others 🙂 and I’m sure It’s all still expanding 🙂

Have a look at our new set of Warsaw airport photos below 🙂

Read more about Poland on inlovewithpoland.com.


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