Warsaw Chopin Airport – sleek, modern & good duty free

As we wait for the (long awaited!) Lublin aiport to be built and opened later this year (woop woop!) we are frequent visitors at Warsaw Chopin Airport (named after the Warsaw born composer) in Poland, en route to Lublin.

The Warsaw Airport underwent renovation a few years ago and is now a seriously modern, sleek and funky airport. With glass panoramas all around, it’s actually enjoyable flying from it and arriving there and it reminds me of some of the airports in the US.

Warsaw Chopin Airport, Year of Marie Curie Sklodowska
Warsaw Chopin Airport, Year of Marie Curie Sklodowska
Check for arrivals and departures at Warsaw Airport here.

Departures are on the upper floor as you arrive by the 175 bus or taxi, while the arrivals are downstairs – there’s plenty of taxis there and of course the 175 bus stop too, as well as a ticket machine to buy tickets in. And a Marriott Courtyard hotel just outside the terminal, with another one being built alongside it!

Once you get out in the arrivals hall, there’s a tourist office where you can get maps, hotel information and Warsaw city information, as well as a cafe and a Relay shop with snacks, newspapers and bus tickets. Watch out for the taxi touts at arrivals, the taxis at the official taxi rank outside are likely to be much cheaper (should be around 40zloty to get into central Warsaw).

On the departures floor, you’ve got all the check in desks, a few cafes and shops and once you go through the check in you’ll be in duty free heaven. You can immerse yourself in perfume, tons of vodkas and lots of beauty counters in Aelia Duty Free and Baltona Duty Free (the ladies are very friendly, they got rid of my nail varnish disaster when I got there once!). There’s also a couple of nice jewellers (‘Jubiler’ and ‘W Kruk’), 2 restaurants (go to the one on the left as you leave luggage checks as that one has nice comfy seats, often very nice Polish soup ‘zurek’ and last time i was there was playing Bridget Jones :)).

As you go further through the airport, it’s all lovely glass panoramas of the runways with gates on either side (look out for plugs along the walls for laptop charging – very useful!), a play area for kids and some more duty free shops and cafes in the middle concourse. Right at the very end you’ve also got  a Wedel Chocolate Drinking cafe – ‘Pijalnia Czekolady’ – with over 10 types of drinking chocolate! What better way to while away your time before boarding 🙂

There’s of course plenty of souvenirs in all the shops like shot glasses, cuddly toys, crafts and books and Euro 2012 memorabilia … and don’t forget to stock up on lovely chocolate bars too!

Have a look at our photos below of the sleek waiting areas, cafes and duty free shops, nice eh? 🙂

Happy flying to Warsaw 🙂

Read more about travelling to Poland on inlovewithpoland.com.


3 thoughts on “Warsaw Chopin Airport – sleek, modern & good duty free

  1. inlovewithpoland

    No problem Richard, we always like to look in on that aisle on the way back to London 🙂 For a cheaper option, try a supermarket in whatever city you’re going to in Poland – you can get very good deals on traditional Polish vodka in Leclerc and Carrefour. And also on mead (miod pitny) which is lovely to bring home as a gift/souvenir.

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