Food & legroom on LOT business class flights to (& from) Warsaw

I’m definitely a slave to my Bmi Amex, the main reason being that I can get regular ‘free’ (ie, pay tax only) flights to Poland, especially at busy peak periods when all flights have sold out!

And such was the case this Christmas. When most normal Poles had booked they flights back home by August, I waited til end of October (living life on the edge). Luckily, my Bmi airmiles came in useful and since only business class flights were left, I had to succumb to the large seats and full meal … and of course spend all of my 9000 air miles 🙂

So, business class with LOT to Warsaw is a lot shorter than enjoy the luxury across the Atlantic, but still so worth it!

So, you of course get your own check in. I chose seat 2A, not to be greedy (was allocated 1A), and it worked out well as had my seat free whereas in 1A I would have had a neighbour next to me.

You then get a offered a drink of water or juice as most people are still sitting down as well as refreshing towels and peanuts to make take off more pleasant. What’s more, your coat gets taken off you and hung up (it never gets that treatment, even at home!).

LOT business class drinks
LOT business class drinks

Once we got up to the acceptable height and pilot turned off the seatbelt signs, we  had the (very attentive!) stewardesses come round, open our tables, put down a table cloth (proper one!) and give us hot food (breakfast @ 6am on the way there and dinner @ 4pm on the way back), wine and hot drinks.

As an example of the food you get, on the way back I had pork and dumplings (hot), smoked salmon salad (loads of salmon) with green lentils, chocolate cake, rolls, wine and chocolates.

LOT business class evening meal
LOT business class evening meal
LOT business class morning meal
LOT business class morning meal... yes with wine...

I also have to say something about the leg room on the flight back from Warsaw. On the way back I was in the front row and literally they’ve taken 1 seat from each row and 2 rows from business class, so you only have 2 rows of 2 on each side, instead of what would’ve been 4 rows of 6 normally. Which means you get double leg room, which is fantastic. You also get foot rests which unfold and your seat reclines much more than normal, so you could be almost horizonal on the journey! (luckily I realised this half way through the flight! – on the 6am flight you are so half asleep that you notice nothing!).

LOT business class legroom
LOT business class legroom

On the morning flight I had, I was also given a pillow and a blanket, they must’ve seen that I only had 2 hrs sleep 🙂 That only adds to the comfort of your 2.5hrs flight.

The stewardesses are very very attentive and keep coming back to see if you need more wine (yes please), any more rolls (almost always yes please) and anything else you might need! (ok, sitting in the front row I did feel like I was on a private jet ;))

So, I thoroughly recommend LOT business class …. especially on airmiles!! 🙂 (I’m naturally already on the case of building up my airmiles balance now).

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