Andrzejki – St Andrew’s Day, 30th November, find a husband in hot wax :)

No, not talking about Madame Tussauds 😉

The Andrzejki (St Andrew’s Day- happy nameday all the Andrews out there 🙂 ) tradition in Poland is an old custom which celebrates the last time for festivities before Advent begins on 30th November and focuses on matrimonial fortune-telling (mainly for the ladies out there).

So, what you do on Andrzejki (and what I remember from my childhood) is:

  • gather a group of female friends (usually un-married … or looking for another man??!!)
  • take a bowl of cold water
  • take a large key (one with a large eyelet in it)
  • and melt some wax (use a few candles)
  • then drip the melted wax through the keyhole into the cold water
  • as the wax hardens it takes on interesting shapes

Everyone does it in turn, then take the wax shape & hold it up against the light …. AND …. the shadow on the wall will bring you closer to the mystery of your future husband….. simple! Who needs the Metro horoscopes section! 🙂

In the olden days, this fortune telling was taken very seriously by the young eligible ladies who were gagging to meet their suitors… now it forms a tradition for everyone to meet up, have a party and get some wax melting going on 🙂

Ready? Let’s melt some candles!!

Happy St Andrews Day 🙂

Read more about Poland on our site inlovewithpoland.


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