Naleczow – Spas, Springs & Mud Baths

At only 30km away from Lublin, Naleczow is a small and picturesque spa town where the locals have been going to sample the natural healing waters since the 18th century.

We tried it on our recent stay in Lublin and it’s really worth it for a relaxing break (some people come and stay for months at a time – on doctor’s orders!), surrounded by trees, you really feel like you’re getting away from it all.

Naleczow Spa Town
Naleczow Spa Town

The spa is centered around a pretty park with many small hotels, medical centres and proper public-health funded medical spas (sanatorium) dotted around. It’s really picturesque as you approach it along the road as it scenically meanders down into an almost mountain resort style town in a valley.

Naleczow lake & duck statues
Naleczow lake & duck statues

Since the main point of Naleczow is its healing water springs, we made a beeline for the springs first. The springs are housed in a sort of Kew Gardens style greenhouse (reminiscent of Buxton too) and once you pay your entry (about a £1, 5zl), you can sit in there til your hearts content among the palm trees, cheese plants and yukkas and keep going up for refills of water (which we did many times!). There are 3 different waters to taste (with 3 taps), each with different minerals and medical properties – some for heart health, digestive or every psychological. We tried all 3 naturally to get all the benefits. The colour of the water could be slightly off putting due to the cloudy nature but the taste of each spring is different and you can feel the goodness seeping into you!

Mineral spring waters, Naleczow
Mineral spring waters, Naleczow
Inside the springs greenhouse, Naleczow
Inside the springs greenhouse, Naleczow

Once you get back outside again, you see that the centre of the park is the Atrium – a must on your visit. This houses the swimming pool, spa, mud baths and a gym. You buy the ticket for an hour and as you go in, you see it’s not a normal pool. All along the sides you have jacuzzi jets, there’s small enclaves where you stand while the horizontal jets massage you along your spine and also bannisters in the middle of the pool where you stand and get the jets from underwater to massage your feet. There’s also a great ‘river’ where the current moves you along and around the pools – great fun! Naturally the good spots are taken first (enclaves seem to be the most popular) so you have to be clever when to pounce 😉 The pool has glass windows all around so you get to see the lovely woodland all around you as you swim/enjoy the jets.

Naleczow Spa - pools
Naleczow Spa - pools

What’s more, you can also buy tickets for 20mins in the luxuriously warm mud baths. They normally let 4-6 people in there at a time, and it literally feels like sitting in a bowl of really warm, smooth and luxurious white chocolate (would add in photos but our hands were too muddy to take any! ;)). Some people got out earlier than the 20mins as it is pretty warm and it’s hard to stay seated as the warm chocolate makes you float up – but we were hard core and stayed til the bitter (sweet! ha!) end! 🙂

You can of course also book in for a massage, facial and any other beauty treatments and since we went on a week day, we were told we could get an appointment after our mud baths no problem…. however we were so hungry after all the water and mud that we decided to leave it this time (not a fan of the embarrassing rumbling belly during massages!).

If you’re not a fan of massages or are travelling with kids, there’s also a bowling alley in the Atrium centre – so there’s something for all the family!

There are a couple restaurants in the park, one main one is  a spa hotel with more massages and treatments called Termy Palacowe (3* hotel). We had an amazing meal there with tea and traditional veal cutlets (me) and potato pancakes with vegetables (my boyfriend) – check it out: (YUM!)

Lunch (Obiad) at Termy Palacowe, Naleczow
Lunch (Obiad) at Termy Palacowe, Naleczow
Termy Palacowe Hotel, Spa & Restaurant, Naleczow
Termy Palacowe Hotel, Spa & Restaurant, Naleczow

There are plenty of minibuses from Lublin every 30mins or so from the Lublin main coach station as well as stops along the road (I still don’t get it how the bus driver knows when to stop in the fields??) so you can get there very easily and in 25mins you could be relaxing in a peaceful spa retreat!

Tip – look out for the funky statues of an old fashioned bike and ducks (you can sit on both) and a great little table and chairs.

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3 thoughts on “Naleczow – Spas, Springs & Mud Baths

  1. Poland voyager-to-be

    wow, the white chocolate mud bath sounds good! I’d definitely like to try that out (and try to last the full 20 minutes).

  2. Hello,

    I am trying to find out some more information from the article you wrote. Is it a public spa with different sections for mineral and then mud baths? I am trying to find a website with more information as we would also like to book a treatment. And finally were can I find bus information?

    Hoping you can help.

    Thanks in advance

    1. inlovewithpoland

      Hi Sam – this is the main spa – in the park in Naleczow. It’s public and you turn up and book in a treatment or give them a call.
      They do a 20 mins white mud bath for 20 zl as well as many other treatments.
      Bus info – the best app we’ve found is – very useful, we use it for all travel around Poland – buses and trains.
      Hope that helps?
      Let us know if you need any more info?
      Ola @

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