Warsaw restaurants – good for vegetarians?

Having spent a couple days in Warsaw on our latest visit to Poland, I couldnt believe the choice of cuisine and restaurants that we had to explore!

My boyfriend being veggie, i thought it would be quite a hard task to find some veggie-friendly food in Poland. Luckily, I was wrong.

So what cuisines did we find? Our hotel (Radisson Blu – great! wait for the post on that one!) was about a 10mins walk north of the Central Railway Station, and the area being pretty occupied by businesses had a few nice eateries.

We tried El Greco – greek, and Bonsai – Japanese, right on the same street as Radisson Blu. Both very nice restaurants!

The yaki soba in Bonsai was equivalent of £5 (22 zl) and a pot of Jasmine tea (about 6 cups out of it) was £2.50 (10zl) – so a very pleasant and affordable meal. The interior is black, sleek and modern and was peacefully quiet when we got there for lunch (but we were 2hrs later than most normal people @ 4pm!). They have a few tables outside as well but the high winds put us off that option.

In the El greco, we had to get halloumi on pitta and a site platter of roasted veg to make a nice veggie ensable, but again, that cost an average of £5 each and we got 6 massive slices of halloumi within the £5. The greek salad was also £5, with a massive wedge of lovely feta and very nice and fresh cucumbers (polish variety!) and tomatoes. We liked el greco so much that we ate there twice, once on our first day in Warsaw (sitting outside in beautiful sunshine) and once on the last day (relaxing indoors before a dash to the airport).

Both restaurants look like favourites of the local businessmen.

Warsaw old town restaurants
Warsaw old town restaurants

Then there are the restaurants in the Warsaw old town – obviously great atmosphere in the evenings (esp in August when there was an open air jazz concert every weekend) but prices are a bit more expensive and you might not quite get the same quality as slightly off the main strip.

Pierrogeria Warsaw, Barbakan
Pierrogeria Warsaw, Barbakan

We did try a lovely pierogarnia (dumpling resto) called ‘Pierrogeria’right by the barbakan as you’re walking out of the old town (stare miasto) and into the new town (nowe miasto). I have to say those dumplings were heavenly. You could choose to have boiled ones or baked ones – boiled ones are smaller & more dim sum like and you get a plate of 10, whereas the baked ones look like smaller cornish pasties and due to their larger size you get about 5 or 6 on your plate. And still at a very affordable price!! Top that off with one of the spelt beers (orkiszowe piwo) and you’re set. What’s also great is that inside is a cosy little restaurant whereas outside you’re sitting under the trees up by the barbakan with lovely views yet not on the main walkway so you can eat your food in peace. I had mushroom pierogi and my boyfriend had vegetable ones with some tomato sauce on top – amazing – and only £4.50 per portion! (approx 25zl each) ! (as you can see from the pics below). So with 2 massive plates of dumplings, some salad and 2 bottles of spelt beer, we reached a really cheap £15 for a very (very!) filling lunch before we rolled off to get the train at Warsaw central! Thoroughly recommended!

Boiled dumplings/pierogi with caramalised onions
Boiled dumplings/pierogi with caramalised onions
Baked vegetarian dumplings/pierogi with tomato sauce
Baked vegetarian dumplings/pierogi with tomato sauce

So can Warsaw cater for vegetarians? Yes it most definitely can, you’ll never go hungry 🙂

Read more about Poland and Polish restaurants during your trip.


6 thoughts on “Warsaw restaurants – good for vegetarians?

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  2. James West

    Having been to Poland back in ’97 and struggling to find veggie dishes I was pleasantly surprised to return this year and to find great veggie food. I had some great veggie adaptations of Polish dishes (usually with a fantastic local beer).
    So if you are contemplating going and are a vegetarian, don’t panic that you won’t have good (and very healthy in many cases) food to eat.
    Great post!

  3. dev

    Thank you very much for this post and to James for the above comment. Not only is it informative, it has put away some travelling stress for me !

    1. James West

      Dev, hope you have a pleasant stay whilst in Poland (I am sure you will). What I found and I hope you will too, was how easily there was a veggie adaptation readily available, spelt pancakes being one that springs tastily to mind. Its nice to be able to go to a country and eat local cuisine and still be able avoid meat/fish, which I think you can safely do in Poland.

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