Warsaw Old Town from Warsaw Airport on the 175 bus

Warsaw Old Town Square with Mermaid
My last trip to Lublin included a lightning visit to Warsaw where I had 4 hrs to kill before my flight. I thought it might just be doable to remind myself of how Warsaw Old Town looked AND not miss the flight.

And I was right! There’s a very useful bus – number 175 – which is great if you want to explore old town quickly before jumping on the train.

The bus goes from Warsaw Chopin Airport, right through centre of town, Central Station, main shopping street – Nowy Swiat (New World) and right to the heart of Warsaw Old Town, stopping just by the National Theatre building.

The trip is not hugely quick (as it is basically the whole bus route), it took me around 45 mins all round to get to the airport but it was worth it. You can also do some sightseeing on the way as it literally goes through most of Warsaw (look out for a square at the end of Krakowskie Przedmiescie (Old Town Street) with a giant palm tree in the middle of it!!).

You can buy the bus tickets from the driver, a machine at the bus stop and as of recently you’ll also find very useful ticket machines on the bus itself! The ticket will cost you 2zl80 (70p) and you can go all the way on it! Remember to have some polish coins handy – the 2zl reminds me of the euro coin :).

Below are some photos from my 4hr sightseeing expedition … Try it if you’re short of time and want to catch a glimpse of Warsaw Old Town 🙂 (then you can come back next time for a proper Warsaw City break!)

Read more about Warsaw on our website: http://www.inlovewithpoland.com.

Number 175 bus in Warsaw - Airport - Old Town
Warsaw Castle and Sismuntus Column - Warsaw Old Town
Sigmuntus Square Outdoor Cafes - in front of the Castle
Palm Square - Warsaw

2 thoughts on “Warsaw Old Town from Warsaw Airport on the 175 bus

  1. MIchelle


    I am interested in using one of your pictures from your blog for a magazine article about tourism in Warsaw, would it be possible for you to send me the original image in high resolution? I would like the Warsaw Old Town Square with Mermaid image. I really appreciate your help!

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    1. inlovewithpoland

      Hi Michelle
      That would be great, glad you like our photos! What magazine do you write for and can you tell us if we’d be credited for the photo?

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