What can you buy for 2zl (40p) in Poland?

Polish currency is the Zloty (literally meaning ‘gold’). Look out for a 5 to 1 exchange rate at the moment so it’s a good time to travel to Poland and make the most it!

The 2 zloty coin looks deceptively like a 1 Euro coin but is worth a whole 40p…. but you can buy a whole lot for it!

So, this is what you can buy for 2 zl: (one of the below… not all 😉 )
– 1 donut (or 2 in a shop/supermarket!)
– 1 bus ticket (in private buses in Lublin – watch out as some are part of the city bus network and they take tickets, but the private ones will say ‘komunikacja prywatna’ and will take cash only)
– 1 wooden spoon/spatula at the market (at Kazimierz Dolny street market or Zakopane)
– 2 small bottles of water (try ‘naleczowianka’ – lovely local mineral water)
– 1 newspaper
– 1 carnation at the flower market (yep, for £5 you can buy a gorgeous buquet of flowers in Poland!)
– 1 scoop of ice cream at the beach
– 1 packet of pretzel fingers (‘paluszki’)

Poland Money, Zloty coins and bank notes
Poland Money, Zloty coins and bank notes

Read more about Poland and useful information for planning your visit to Poland –  come to inlovewithpoland.com.


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