Lublin in Videos – Town Centre & Old Town Views

Lublin in videos 🙂

See below a video of the pedestrianised part of Lublin town centre with all the cafes, restaurants, shops and benches where locals enjoy sitting in the summer sun the view towards the Krakow Gate (the entrance to the beautiful old town).

It really comes alive in the sun as all the cafe and restaurant terraces fill up with people (yes, Poland normally has the traditional hot summer). Every day at midday, you also hear the bugler’s Krakow tune from the town hall tower (right by the Krakow gate at the end of the pedestrianised street).

Here’s a video of the cobbled streets of London Old Town and the ruins of st Michael Archangel’s gothic church (dating from 800’s, taken apart in 1800’s, dug up in 1930s!) – a good place to enjoy the views of the 14th century Lublin castle in the distance, this is also where the nativity scene is set up in Lublin every Christmas.

The Castle is worth a visit with the museum inside, the holy trinity chapel, a great old courtyard, views over Lublin fields. Don’t also miss out on the devils claw imprint in the museum with a great local legend.

Map of Lublin Old Town:


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