Polish Easter in Lublin

Polish Easter saturday is all about the beautiful tradition of dressing up a wicker basket with delicious Polish food including sausages, boiled eggs, bread, salt, cakes and the obligatory sugar lamb to be blessed in church.

Close up of sugar lamb, wicker lamb and pisanka
Close up of sugar lamb, wicker lamb and pisanka

You prepare the food in the days before, the pisanki (painted/dyed eggs) being the fun part. Some people simply boil them in onion peelings, which turns them a nice tan colour. If you use red onions, you get a more reddish egg come out. You can also then scratch beautiful designs and prints in the egg using a needle or a pin. A lot of kids also take the white egg (cooked of course) and paint colourful designs on there (i remember those days). The other way to do it all is rather than having the egg inside is take the raw egg, put a pin hole in both ends and blow the egg yolk and white out of it so only the shell is left. This of course means you can keep the beautifully designed egg for longer.

Once you get to church, everyone lines up their baskets on the steps in the church, ready for the blessing during mass. Sometimes, as we had it happen, the priest actually walks through the church and blesses people seated on both sides, and then you of course get your own sprinkling of the holy water, as well as in your basket 🙂

You then take the blessed food home and eat it for Easter breakfast on sunday.
And yes, this means that you have yummy white barszcz (beetroot soup) with boiled egg and sausages for breakfast!! And believe me it tastes good! Follow it up with bread and the traditional mixed boiled veg salad and a couple nice cakes for dessert. So by 11am, you’ve basically has a lunch with dessert for your breakfast!

What better reason to visit Poland at Easter time?

Polish Easter basket
Polish Easter basket
Easter baskets in church
Easter baskets in church

See more about Poland and Polish traditions on www.inlovewithpoland.com


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