Follow the storks, fly to Poland

Follow the storks and fly to Poland this Spring.

Every Spring, thousands of white storks arrive in Poland from Africa.
These big magestic birds are a very common and delightful sight in the polish countryside. You can spot them in their nests on the telegraph poles and on the roofs of barrns & houses.

At about 1m long with a 2m wing span and white coloured body and head and a bright red beak and legs, these seasonal visitors are quite a sight.

They spend Winter in southern Africa, travelling over 8,000km in 4 months to reach Europe by the end of March.

Poland has the highest population of white storks in Europe, there is even a European stork village in Tykocim (North East Poland) on the ‘Stork Trail’, leading from Bilowieckie National Park to Biebrzanski and Narwinski National Park.

Discover them for yourself on a nature break to Poland – read more on

Poland storks

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