easy luggage check-in at warsaw central station

I always try to fly with LOT/BMI to Poland as it means I get to collect reward miles, a good reason i think!
And now i’ve found an even better reason! the 10hr journey from Lublin to London is underway and I’ve found something that makes it a bit more bearable (and it wasnt the woman in my carriage who talked at me for 2.5hrs straight when i wanted to sleep… and i do admit the 1zl donuts with rose jam helped a tad too).

so what is it? well, outside Warsaw central station (warszawa centralna), they’ve built a brand new shopping centre called Zlote Tarasy (golden terraces). The place has 5 levels, a supermarket, loads of cafes, internet shops (very useful, i use the Era shop for myy mobile internet every time), lots of well known brands like M&S, H&M, Zara and lots of polish stores (including Empik – great for cds and books).

You get to the centre from outside the station but if you’ve just arrived by train you can get there straight from the middle section of the train platforms. A really great find if you have a couple hrs spare before the train/plane (depending which way you’re travelling).

So,in the basement (level -1, where you arrive from the platforms) is an office of LOT Polish Airlines. And yes, what you can do is actually check in AND put your luggage in there already! what this means is you’re now luggage-free to peruse the shops, old town (get bus 175 all the way there) or just pop out and about. What’s more, i’ve been told they have a LOT bus (complimentary!) to Warsaw airport fro outside the Hard Rock Cafe. Ok, so i still need to locate the cafe (fingers crossed) , but the option is there and i really (really!) wish i knew about this the last few times i’ve dragged my case around Warsaw!

So as i finish off my green + mint tea (with lemon of course) for 7zl in Green Coffee cafe in Zlote Terasy, thought i’d share this interesting new find about flying to Poland :).

Read more about Poland travels on www.inlovewithpoland.com.


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