Ptasie Mleczko – ‘Birds Milk’ Chocolates

I naturally stocked up of my favourite Polish chocolates on my recent trip back to Lublin.

Ptasie Mleczko – Birds Milk (yes, sounds strange translated) – is definitely one of the top favourites up there (and in production in Poland since the 1930s!). The idea of Ptasie Mleczko comes from the idea of having everything, but wanting the ultimate luxury – which is ‘birds milk’ – and thus this chocolate delicacy is named after that.

As you can see from the photos below, the box is pretty much on its last chocs, but they were so good (you get 2 levels of chocolates in the box which my boyfriend lifted up and remarked as actaully quite heavy when I pulled it out of my suitcase!).

Essentially Ptasie Mleczko is a small chocolate with a soft vanilla meringue/mousse-like centre. It’s not your conventional chocolate, but believe me, a lot of English people love it (and it’s unbelievably moorish).
If vanilla is not your favourite, you can also get it in lemon or chocolate flavours.

In an effort to get out there into the snacks marketplace, E Wedel (one of the main traditional Polish chocolate companies – interestingly now owned by Cadburys) has recently started doing Ptasie Mleczko in a twin pack of 2 large fingers which you can eat on the go (bit like Twix but smaller).

So if you have a polish food shop near you, try out Ptasie Mleczko, or indulge on your next trip to Poland! I thoroughly recommend it!

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Ptasie Mleczko Chocolates
Ptasie Mleczko Chocolates
Ptasie Mleczko close up
Ptasie Mleczko close up

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