Happy International Children’s Day!

I can’t believe that I totally forgot that 1st of June (ie, today!) is the Polish Dzień Dziecka, (or the International Children’s Day), that is, until my grandparents called me with wishes this afternoon!

And I have to say, on a miserable rainy day like today, it’s nice to be surprised with best wishes on a day that you forgot is an international celebration of childhood. Ok, so I’m not a child any more, but with your grandparents you somehow always end up regressing to those good old days!

The good thing for my grandparents is that they get their own days of celebration in January – 21st is Dzień Babci (grandma’s day) and 22nd is Dzień Dziadka (grandad’s day). How nice eh, everyone gets their own day! And my mum celebrates every international Mother’s Day she can find in the calendar…. the wonders of an international family! 😉

The day reminds me of the lovely presents you’d receive (yep, yet another day for this!) and how nice kids would be treated on this day – including lots of special TV shows for children and exciting school trips! It all started in Geneva in 1925 (and in Poland in 1952), and is mainly celebrated in the former Communist countries… and very much so in Poland.

It’s definitely a lovely tradition and it’s something I will carry on for my kids one day (might need to jot it down in the calendar to remember – or hang a Polish calendar alongside the English one to cover ALL possible festive occasions !).

So here’s a yummy present for all the big and little kids out there….

Polish Cakes
Polish Cakes

To read more about Poland and its traditions, visit my website at www.inlovewithpoland.com


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