For the love of Polish donuts

If you’re up for trying Polish food, a Polish donut – Paczek (pawncheck) – is a must.

My childhood memories came flooding back a couple weeks ago on my latest trip home. I was getting some food to continue my second leg of the 11 hr journey home by train and there was just no way I could resist the beautiful donuts that I saw at Warsaw Central Station (Warszawa Centralna).

The station is full of cafes, bakeries, fast food joints, shops and even an internet cafe and a beauty salon (great manicures if you need to kill 30 mins – my last one lasted for weeks!!) – and all in the underground passages! It’s a bit of a maze and takes some getting used to, but it’s got all you need for your journey.

So getting back to the donuts.

I was restrained and only asked for one, and to be honest at 2zl (30p) they were fantastic value for money.

As you can see below, Polish donuts are very different to ones found in the UK. First off, they’re bigger! The outside it more crispy and browned and covered by a thin layer of icing. The inside (in this case) was cherry jam and a lot less sweet than the UK variety. The dough inside is often a yellow tint, quite spongy and melts in your mouth. They’re best fresh so it’s good to get them from the bakery just as they’ve been made – perfect!

The donuts bring back memories for me of the ones that my gran used to make when I was little. We used to make them with jam and fry them in saucepans full of oil – mainly on fat thursday when you make donuts and enjoy food to the fullest before Lent : So good!

You can get polish donuts in the polish shops in Ravenscourt Park, Ealing and in the cafe in the Polish centre. I thoroughly recommend them!

Needless to say, I will leave Warsaw Central Station with a bag full of the lovely donuts, not just the one! 🙂

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