Thought of a weekend in Krakow, Warsaw or Gdansk?

You might not have considered Poland for a city break destination, but with a 2hr flight time, Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk are great destinations for a weekend away …. and pretty cheap with the local Zloty currency being on a 5:1 ratio to the pound!

The key cities to look out for:sukiennice, cloth hall, krakow

Krakow – in the south by the Tatra mountains, gorgeous medieval city housing the oldest university of Poland, great cobbled streets, Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) for all your shopping and traditional souvenirs, a castle on the hill, a legend of Princess Wanda and day trip ideas to Tatra mountains, salt mines and of course historic Auswitz.

Lazienki botanical gardens, Warsaw

Warsaw more central and much more of a business city, the office distructs are constantly evolving and you’ll see all the main financial institutions and hotels set up shop here. For the tourists – Warsaw old town is small but perfectly formed, with a fully re-built catle, cobbled streets, shops, cafes and beautiful botanical gardens (Lazienki).

Gdansk Old Town

Gdansk set on the northern coast, in an area called ‘Trojmiasto’ (3 towns) with Sopot (great beach resort) and Gdynia (Ships and manufacturing) , it’s a beautiful city, lovely old town with river flowing along it, museums, cafes, towers to go up to view the scenery, and even bungee-jumping for the brave ones. Go on the boat to historic Westerplatte where WW2 began or board a boat to ‘Hel’ – a northern peninsular that’s bound to be the topic of many funny text messages.

Krakowska Brama, Old town Lublin

Lublin – lovely city in the east of Poland (and my hometown) , nice old town with a cool medieval castle (check out the wooden imprint of a devil’s claw in the museum – great legend) , botanical gardens, old catholic university and a great open air museum of old polish village like …. Great lakes for swimming nearby, lovely countryside and a scenic little town called Kazimierz.

Apart from the cities, Poland is a country of undiscovered beauty – Tatra mountains in the south, un-spoilt coastal areas in the north, Mazurian lake district with sailing-a-plenty in the north east and an area of magnificent castles and stately homes in the south west near Wroclaw.

Go on, explore Poland!

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