in love with … Polish poppy seed cake

Traditional polish cakes are bound to occupy more than one post here… and Poppy seed cake – Makowiec – is a good one to start off with.

Makowiec - Poppy seed cake

It’s a really traditional Polish cake for Christmas & New Year, it’s rolled up like a swiss roll with a soft yeast pastry with a delicious poppy seed filling made with raisins and nuts.

Eating it on New Year’s day is a must as the poppies symbolise money, so for wealth in the New Year – you need to eat a good few slices!

When you make it at home (in Poland at least) – it’s all abour grinding the poppy seeds through a mince-meat grinder three times…. to break up the seeds and get them ready for baking. You then roll up the pastry with the lovely poppy seed filling for the lovely Makowiec roll.

You can find it in the numerous Polish shops in London (but make sure you get in early for festive period as the cakes always sell out for New Years). If you don’t find it, don’t dispair, you can get your poppy seed New Year fix from other pastries … as long as you find something small filled with poppy seeds, you should be fine with prosperity in the New Year!

The best Makowiec have a higher amount of filling compared to the pastry, making it more moist … so if you see the cross section, before you buy, check how much pastry you see. The more dough there is, the more dry it’s likely to be.

You can also try the sponge variety of poppy seed cake, it’s an all round feast of sponge and seeds and it’s really delicious.

So give poppy seed cake a try!!

Read more about Polish food, culture, cities and countryside on www.inlovewithpoland.


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