A slice of Polish rye bread

As far as obsessions go, rye bread is not the worst …. and it is tasty 🙂
If you’ve tried a slice, you’ll know what I mean, if you haven’t … you really need to!

Polish rye bread is amazing (yep ok, I am biased) – it’s great in a sandwich or toasted for a lovely crunchy taste or just with some butter and your favourite winter vegetable soup ….. and did I mention the pickled herrings? It’s great with those too! And if you’re in the mountains or in cold winter weather, some restaurants will serve it with lard …. sounds strange but it’s actually pretty good!

And not only is it tasty, it’s healthy too! And not rock heavy like you’d imagine as a lot of the bread is a mix of Rye and Wheat flour. And you know the best part? – the crusty bit – we call it ‘przylepka’ (no translation I can think of) or ‘stopka’ (foot).

So seriously – try it. A lot of the Polish shops out there sell it, often sliced and perfect for toasting (there are at least 3 shops in Chiswick/Hammersmith) …. but for the real thing … head to Poland 🙂

Polish Rye Bread
Yummy Polish Rye Bread (and some garlic)

Find out more about Polish culture, travel and cities on http://www.inlovewithpoland.com/info/polish-food.html.


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