It’s -8 degrees in Warsaw

Yep, that’s cold (and ok, it’s at night time, busted).
So while I shiver in London, it’s a sobering thought when i call my grand parents and find out that it’s -8 in Warsaw and -12 in Lublin – at night – but it’s ok, it’s only -6 degrees in the daytime! wow!!
And you know what – transport is NOT affected… people go to work, trains are running, buses are on time … it’s amazing how they cope. There are things like winter tyres, which i guess helps with driving in the snow… but it’s a good thing to think about!

Lublin castle in the snow
Lublin castle in the snow, Poland

So if you plan a break in Poland, seriously, wrap up warm … i’ve had 2 pairs of tights under my jeans in the past…. and have used sheepskin coats there. The food will warm you up quickly, as will the must-have vodka…. but that’s a whole new post.
If you want guaranteed snow (althought it’s been there pretty much since november) – go in February …. it’s by far the coldest month and you’ll see the Polish mountains and cities in their full beauty. I’ve put up some pretty pics of Tatra mountains and Lublin in the snow if you need more convincing.

For more Poland travel info, see my site on

Tatra Mountains in the snow, Poland
Tatra Mountains in the snow, Poland

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