A slightly snowy Lublin

As the poles say, ‘Swieta, Swieta i po Swietach’ – which is an optimistic ( 😉 ) ‘Christmas, Christmas, and it’s over’ … and so it’s over now.
But while it lasted, it was pretty lovely.
Spending Christmas in Lublin is a yearly occurance as it’s my home town, so despite the 11.5 hrs journey (planes, tubes, trains and taxis), it was definitely worth it!

Lublin Old Town - Krakow Gate
Lublin old town looking festive

Lublin is a small town on the eastern side of Poland, mainly consisting of universities and a lovely cobbled old town with a medieval castle on a hilltop.
It’s a lovely place to stroll around on the cobbled streets and people watch in the cafes in the summer … but in the snowy winter it’s definitely got its charms too!

This year the snow over the Christmas period was less than normal, but still very pretty with the snowy rooftops and cobbles providing lovely backdrop for a festive walk (a lot of people chose a festive bar instead to keep away from the cold …. what’s -5 tho eh, not bad at all 🙂 ).

The middle of the old town has some excavated ruins of an old church (when I was growing up, they were definitely well hidden) and this year this is where the nativity scene was set up. They used to have live animals in there but after some deliberate fires a couple years ago, the idea was scrapped and this year all the people and animals were sculptured. Being outdoors gave it a lovely wintery feel and the queue to view it over Christmas extended round the square (I chose a nice quiet day to view it – below).

Old town nativity scene
Lublin old town looking festive

For more information on Poland, its cities and culture, view my website on www.inlovewithpoland.com.


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