tip – buy your Poland flights early!

Tatra Mountains PolandYep, as many poles, I’m heading off to Poland for Christmas. But did I plan and buy my tickets in advance? Erm, no!! After 19 years I have still not learnt. I booked in October (normal 2 month lead time for many people!) but not early enough – I paid a hefty £300!! Well at least I’m flying with the lovely LOT airlines and from Heathrow, who don’t charge you for the little plastic toiletries bags.

I made the mistake of booking very last minute earlier on in the year, and rather than paying a hefty fare, I decided to take a connecting flight via Zurich. Not a bad journey overall, and the little Swiss Air plane from Zurich felt a bit like a private jet – only about 60 seats…. smallest I’ve ever been in! (and it’s still Star Alliance so if you have an air miles card, you get double points! 🙂 )

So the moral for 2010 – I will buy my Xmas flight tickets in the Summer… if not before!

Fo more Poland info (some humorous some factual 🙂 ) – see my site at www.inlovewithpoland.com


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