January snow in Lublin’s LSM

Spring might be on its way now, but back in January when we flew over to Lublin, we experienced beautiful Polish winter full on at -20 (!!!) degrees Celsius! We’ve not seen temperatures like that in the last few Christmasses so it was quite a surprise for everyone stepping off the plane!

However even tho the frost was biting, the sun was beautiful and as long as you weren’t out for too long, you could enjoy this beautiful weather, not often seen. We recommend it for your next visit. Just remember layers layers layers and a lot of fatty cream on your face to protect it from the biting frost …. 🙂


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Amber shops in Gdansk

If you like Amber jewellery, then the Gdansk shops are for you.

Head straight for the Mariacka street, which is full of very cute basement shops side by side with an unbelievable range of Amber jewellery from small items to some serious giant rocks that would make heads turn! We spent hours (!!) in this street with my friends, and no, noone left it empty handed….

You will also find more Amber shops along the Motlawa river and some in the main Dluga street.

And wherever you go, remember to negotiate! Every price is up for discussion, especially if buying more than 1 item and the shop keepers expect it so they’re unlikely to be offended.

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Boat trips to Westerplatte

Dramatic cloudy weather accompanied us on our boat trip from Gdansk to the poignant Westerplatte memorial where WW2 broke out in Poland on 1st Sept 1939.

Well worth a trip and a walk around the memorial park. We went on a pirate ship, which all the kids on board really enjoyed, you can also go on a normal boat as well.

On the way to Westerplatte, the boat goes past the giant Gdansk Shipyard, still active today with its massive ships, the place where the Solidarnosc movement started in 1980.

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Beautiful Lublinianka hotel

The 100 year old Lublinianka hotel is beautiful for a stay if you’re visiting Lublin. As one of the oldest hotels in the city and situated in the centre, it’s a great 4* hotel that could easily pass for a 5*.

We’ve stayed here a few times, the rooms vary from cheaper loft style rooms, to middle range to the spectacular honeymoon suite that we stayed in last year – which comes with the only terrace balcony in the hotel – amazing views over central Lublin!

The staff are very friendly, the breakfast buffet is on til 12 and very plentiful and room service has some amazing dishes.

See more information on their website – http://www.lublinianka.com/en/



Hello BA Club Europe

We were very pleased to fly back from Warsaw to London in the BA Club Europe cabin last month, and we had a lovely experience with the extra space (middle seat turned into table proved a very useful card game table!), the food, the wine…. (OK champagne ! and we didn’t even brag about our wedding anniversary ! ) and the very nice attentive service from the flight attendants!

See some photos below! 🙂

We recommend it…. a nice treat when you have some spare air miles knocking about !


Top things to do in Hel

Top things to do in Hel in Poland:

  • Hire a Malex (gol-type-buggy) with a lovely knowledgeable driver to drive you to get your bearings
  • Head for the beach on the tip of the peninsula
  • and for the main beach on the open sea
  • Visit the WW2 bunkers and walk around the underground tunnels
  • Eat some amazing fried and grilled fish in the harbour
  • Try some water sports
  • Climb 203 steps of the lighthouse for amazing views across Hel
  • Visit the seal sancruary
  • Explore the shop stalls for an amber souvenir
  • Take a boat trip around the Hel peninsula



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Warsaw old town basks in the sunshine

20160825_151110Imagine a gorgeous city, flattened in WW2 with the old town completely rebuilt based on 18th century paintings by Canaletto … now imagine it basking in the sun. Yes Warsaw old town is small, perfectly formed, and totally beautiful. I might be biased having been born a Warszawianka.  🙂

September is a great time to visit while the weather is still hot and sunny and flights are much cheaper 🙂


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